How Low Can You Go?

If any supervillain has been waiting to orchestrate a dastardly swing through some plate glass, this is the meaningful yet swanky affair to hit. So watch out if you attend NightLife this evening, where creator Graham Hawkes shows off his Deep Flight Super Falcon Submersible, a very James Bond kind of personal submarine. The Falcon is to old, clunky bathyscaphes what aircraft are to blimps, Hawkes' Web site explains, and indeed, it's sleek as hell. Is it a comic book come to life? Well, it doesn't dive below 1,000 feet, so maybe no. The daring inventor, however, has fully designed Deep Flight’s successor, the Deep Flight II, which only requires a deep-pocketed Bruce Wayne to get built. It’ll be capable of plumbing the very Marianas Trench itself, and that is brain candy come to life.

The Deep Flight Super Falcon Submersible goes public at 6 p.m.
May 13-17, 2009

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