Paradise Found

The Virgins could very well be the poster boys for the modern hipster nightmare. Four roguish lads — two of whom actually met at a photo shoot for frequent Vice photographer Ryan McGinley — running around New York City, wearing tight jeans and floppy fedoras, singing about cocaine brunches, rich bitches, and exclusive parties. With lurid lyrics like "Fucked up at the disco/Slipping in the K-hole/Sleeping in the park's no fun" (from "Hey Hey Girl"), it's no surprise the band's songs scored an entire episode of the trashy TV show Gossip Girl. The quartet takes the Strokes' sound and vision a step further, mixing slashy, post-punk guitars with thumping disco beats, while leader Donald Cumming sings in the same offhanded, slurry style that wet so many panties when Julian Casablancas burst upon the scene. But the Virgins do know their way around a hook. The band's self-titled 2008 debut may feel disposable, like a crack vial at the end of a very long night, but the band is perfect for an age when urban kids spend their waking hours ignoring their credit tabs and partying like rock stars.
Wed., May 20, 8 p.m., 2009

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