Ride the Lighting

Today you can bike around the city and listen to stories of old people — we mean historic people — having sex. That’s the idea behind the Sex Work on Wheels Tour; it has nothing to do with hand trucks. The tour runs though the Tenderloin, downtown, and the Barbary Coast, which got its name for all the wonderful shit that washed ashore, shook its head, and started to commit questionable acts, from indecency to murder and back again. Sex work was — and is — the least of its problems, but it remains the most exciting. Tour leader Jennifer Worley promises a delightful afternoon, featuring a sex survey from the Gold Rush to the present, from tough-as-nails prostitute Ah Toy and brothel owner Jessie Hayman to Valerie Solanas (who worked the Tenderloin after shooting Andy Warhol), the radical queer group Vanguard, and the worker-owned cooperative Lusty Lady.
Sat., May 9, 11 a.m., 2009

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