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Female Trouble
Bending the rules for gender?: The wrong combination of people can commit horrible crimes together ["Pretty Bad Girls," Ashley Harrell, Feature, 4/29]. This is evident throughout history. It doesn't matter why they did it, whether it was jealousy, simple theft, manipulation, or the weight of a broken past, present, and future. They should not get a break because of their gender.

Yes, it's taboo that young women committed this crime, but were they men, not only would this not be front-page stuff, but the death penalty also would have been brought up, at least for the shooter.

Is Jillian McIlvenna a saint? Look into her mugshot eyes and decide for yourself. She's just as bad as the other ones, regardless of her "long chestnut hair, mocha-colored eyes, and bow-shaped lips." Bad is bad.


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Bad Mommy
Don't shift blame: In my opinion, any person who kills another has a certain mental defect, regardless of the circumstances ["Fatal Maternal Instinct," Matt Smith, Column, 4/29].

A broken love affair is not a defense for killing your children. I feel sorry for everyone involved, but the bottom line is that Linda Woo killed her child and there's nobody to blame but her. It seems careless to direct any blame toward the ex-lover, the psychiatrist, and, especially, concerned friends.

Painting Woo as a victim is insulting to the true victim: Woo's daughter, Olive.


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From S.F. to CA:
Don't go there: Finally, someone who is actually hitting the nail on the head about Gavin Newsom ["Sorry, S.F.: Gavin's Just Not That Into You," Will Harper, Sucka Free City, 4/29] and isn't afraid to put it in print in a substantive way.

San Francisco, he is just not that into you. You were his de facto dating service. Now that he has a B-list actress to claim as his very own, you are nothing more than a nagging inconvenience.

Just be sure to let the rest of California know how bored Newsom gets when it actually comes to public service. We truly would hate to see the rest of the state make the same mistake San Francisco did.

A. Victoria Hill

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Blog Comment of the Week
In response to the press conference called by Deborah Perez, who claimed her father had been the Zodiac Killer:

If this book does not pan out for Ms. Perez she will use her fallback book, My Dad Killed JonBenet Ramsey. Unfortunately, Ms. Perez and her attorney cannot locate the gloves, shoes, and pictures taken during this murder, but she was along for a small portion of the crime and embroidered a butterfly on her deceased Dad's lapel. ...

Another nutcase out on the loose in San Francisco. What better place for a coming-out party?


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