The Pitch

Identical twins Logan and Noah Miller survived growing up with an alcoholic father in Marin, became accomplished baseball players, and worked as shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch models, in an odd but believable upbringing. Then they waylaid the actor Ed Harris at the Castro Theatre and pitched him a movie they wrote about their father. Harris said, OK. The Millers had no experience and were backed by 17 credit cards; they also would like to direct and star in the movie. Harris agreed with all that. And so they all made a movie together, Touching Home, which is currently touring film festivals. Then, the Millers took a breath, and proceeded to write a book about the experience. They’re only 31. How’d they accomplish so much? Pluck. And abs. Gumption. Being good at baseball, too. But mostly they did it because they just do not fucking stop in doing whatever it is that needs doing, whether it’s taking off their shirts or stealing home or touching something in the heart of living legend in an alley behind the Castro. This is the title of the book: Either You’re In Or You’re In the Way. They’re serious about that sentiment -- the movie not only features Ed Harris, but also a cast and crew with 11 Academy Awards and 26 nominations to their various credits. How the brothers got A-list Hollywood on board and produced a good movie is obviously a compelling story, but today you can shake your head over another one: the brothers also wrote a very fine book.
Thu., May 28, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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