Trauma storyline predictions

Last week NBC announced it is picking up Trauma, a medical drama set in San Francisco. What storylines and plot twists can we expect?

• The Trauma team sees the error of its ways after its first Critical Mass and develops a bicycle-based ambulance

• Horrible, horrible injuries at the Masturbate-a-thon

Jennifer Siebel Newsom keeps injuring herself to get screen time

• The hospital generator breaks down and it takes the city two years to contract for a new one

• The mayor's office refuses to return NBC's calls

• That one rich, cocky EMT who thinks he's invincible gets hit by a cable car

• Something something, TRANSSEXUALS, something something

• The Trauma unit keeps getting called to zombie marches

• The rookie, that new kid from the Midwest who moved out to the big city to challenge his preconceptions and prove his worth among the best of the best, can't find an apartment

• The EMTs refuse to enter public housing complexes because of the threat crime cameras pose to their privacy

• The Trauma crew struggles to understand ranked-choice voting

• Too many EMTs take vacation during Burning Man, leaving S.F. dangerously unprotected

• The Trauma crew is given a new public oversight body, the Trauma Commission, and spends most of the first season attending public meetings and conducting community outreach

• Every time a citizen calls 311 and asks about medical services, 311 charges the Trauma unit $1.99

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