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Best Of Readers' Comments Roundup
In last week's Best of San Francisco 2009, SF Weekly picked what we think are some of the best things about our fair city. Readers made their choices, too. Some responses:

Best Unpretentious Yoga Studio: Bernal Yoga
I feel extremely lucky that Bernal Yoga is my neighborhood yoga studio. The studio's community of teachers and students has enriched and extended my life.


Best Florist: Cherries
I've known Katherine and Kimberly for years and have had numerous arrangements designed by them. Their designs are absolute works of art. This award can't go to a better team. Congratulations on your award!

Craig Chan

Readers' Poll
Um, what sort of stupid crap is this??? Pasta Pomodoro, best restaurant in San Francisco? Ridiculous. Either your readers are really stupid, or this survey is fixed.


Best Human Guide to Endangered Species: Brent Plater
A great project and a great guide. I went on a few trips and he was always welcoming. He also gave tips on how to save the species we went looking for. Hope we get a chance to do it again one of these years!


One thing I liked about this was that the trips also highlighted plants. Plants are too often overlooked, but Brent did a great job focusing our attention on the great diversity of non-animal life we have in the Bay Area. Good luck in Trinidad too!! Thanks again for all the hard work.


Best Hatmaker: Jasmin Zorlu
Jasmin Zorlu definitely makes fine art; each hat is more like a piece of jewelry. I look forward to one day owning one.


Blog Comment of the Week
In response to a post about how Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger could raise more funds for the state: Well, how about renaming the Golden Gate Bridge "Monster Cable Bridge" and Golden Gate Park "Monster Park" for a hefty fee? After that, we can sell Gavin Newsom into bondage slavery, we can gain revenue by reassigning Dianne Feinstein as a spokeswoman for Shamwow, and Nancy Pelosi can donate her fees to the state after she becomes a spokeswoman for a gefilte fish vendor.

Walt D

In last week's Best Of San Francisco issue, we mistakenly said that chef Anthony Myint still works at Bar Tartine. Also, we listed the wrong phone number for the Kink.com studio tour. The correct number is 856-0771. We regret the errors.

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