As If There's Any Other Kind

Luis Alberto Urrea and a handful of others hit the pretty red-hued stage at the behest of San Francisco's Charlie Jane Anders for the Writers with Drinks series. It always brings a smile, whether you’re giggling at Anders’ goofy introductions, enjoying the talent, farting, or becoming drunk. Urrea’s newest tome, Into the Beautiful North, explores the tale of a Mexican woman whose hometown has emptied of men because they have left to find employment in the U.S. Urrea’s material tends to explore borders, crossings, and the mixing of cultures — he was nominated for a Pulitzer following the publication of national best-seller The Devil’s Highway, a nonfiction chronicle about Mexican immigrants adrift in the Arizona desert. Likewise, his 2005 novel The Hummingbird’s Daughter is the culmination of 20 years of research about his great-aunt Teresita, a woman often described as Mexico’s Joan of Arc. Born of an Indian mother and white rancher father, she develops profound healing powers and inspires an Indian uprising against Mexico. Urrea promises to be captivating, and Anders will no doubt be heavy on charm.
Sat., June 13, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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