I Like Mike

It’s a good trick: Touring behind a book you wrote about the book tour you just finished. Not everyone could get away with it, honestly. If Dave Eggers tried that, he’d be put in the stockade. But actor Mike Farrell’s new book, Of Man and Mule, has warm fuzzy reviews from all quarters. It concerns his travels with his previous book, Just Call Me Mike (which also got high marks), alone in a rented Prius he names Mule. He drives, he argues with talk radio, he reads in little community centers, he notes that “Heroes abound in this world.” As a big-hearted and hard-working human rights activist, Farrell has long been widely admired -- M*A*S*H co-star Alan Alda says he’s so talented and dedicated it’s “irritating,” while out of right field, Bill O’Reilly says Farrell’s “journey is well worth your time.” Whether he’s on the precipice of starting a perpetual book tour or not, Farrell intends to both inspire and describe the good old U.S. of A., hunky B.J. Hunnicutt–style.
Tue., June 16, 7 p.m., 2009

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