If Looking Liking Move

Tim Sullivan's art is self-absorbed. All of his work consists of photobooth-sized pictures of himself, of his face. Making the connection between film strip and photo strip, the artist doesn't just mug, he acts. Modeling his facial moves on those of famous actors in famous scenes of famous movies, the bespectacled blond grimaces, blurs, and pouts along with, say, James Dean. You wouldn't know it to look at them, and you can't recognize them even though they are labeled Rebel Without A Cause. Instead, the many little self-portraits do a neat art trick: Your own face begins to twist, as you dramatize the beloved lines in your mind. "You're tearing me apart!" What would you look like portraying the ur-youth? What do you look like? Oh God, who are you? Who is the artist, really? And ... scene.
May 8-June 20, 2009

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