Miami Vice

When Bea Arthur died this spring, there were few articles that failed to mention the actress’ wild popularity among gay men. Of course, her formidable stature, husky voice, and acerbic wit made her a natural among discerning queens, but for folks trapped in the quiet backwaters of the mental Midwest, this actually came as news. How could they envision an all-drag cast presenting Golden Girls episodes, live onstage in San Francisco? For years? Fans of the show already know that death, depression, septuagenarian promiscuity, and incontinence is the stuff of hilarity, but on the size 12 heels of Saint Beatrice’s death, this installment of Golden Girls: More Gay Pride Episodes is particularly poignant. Heklina, Pollo Del Mar, Cookie Dough, and Matthew Martin continue superbly in their roles as Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, and Blanche in “Scared Straight” and “Goodbye, Mr. Gordon.” These scripts, which hinge on Blanche’s gay brother and Rose’s new talk show, Lesbian Lovers of Miami, require very little revision for Pride Month. Expect suitable commercial breaks (Meow Mix, Mounds, and the like) and giveaways of Designing Women: The Complete First Season (a disturbing glimpse of things to come, perhaps?).
June 12-26, 7 & 9 p.m., 2009

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