Fuck Vampires

The zombie genre first tried to die in 1933, a year after Bela Lugosi’s White Zombie. It found out it couldn’t – it was undead. The zombie genre will never die, which is why Will Smith got involved in 2007. Lately, it’s invaded the fine art world, infecting artist Jillian McDonald. She has it bad. Last month, she bused an audience to a forest in Sweden, let them out, then allowed 100 zombies to attack them in a living horror film. Over the years she has put on zombie makeup while riding public transportation, then staggered off — she wants to do it on BART with dozens of SFAI students. She also wants to put you in zombie makeup on opening night of her solo show, "Monstrosities," the centerpiece of which is a wandering-undead video filmed at the now-haunted Marin Headlands Center for the Arts. The exhibit also features her zombification of the end of the 1985 film Quiet Earth, as tweaking movies is one of her many other interests. In the past, she has put herself in Vincent Gallo scenes and held a staring contest with Joe Black, aka Brad Pitt. She also tried to make the object of her long-term art project, Billy Bob Thornton, jealous by screen kissing good-looking people like Johnny Depp, Daniel Day Lewis, and Angelina Jolie. Billy never responded. He’s probably a zombie.
June 20-July 22, 2009

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