Drawing on Life

Absurdity and insight are at the heart of Joey Alison Sayers’ work, which includes comic strips, paintings, and T-shirt design. It’s angry giggling, or a giggling anger, that animates the simply drawn faces in Thingpart, her weekly comic strip. Her round-toothed anyones speak in subtle oddities, and God, depicted as a cube with tiny eyes, is too distracted by a copy of Naked Deities to keep the world in order. Just So You Know is Sayers’ new collection of comics; it documents her transsexuality and transition into living as a woman with a sweetness that is beautiful ballast to the sarcastic undertone. The complexity of experience and observation allows readers of all stripes to enjoy the material. She’s joined by P.S. Comics author Minty Lewis and a handful of guest cartoonists.
Thu., June 25, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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