Gaydar Says Huh?

Moshe Kasher tells a funny joke about what it’s like to be gay in a park in front of a bush in San Francisco: “Just walk right up to the bush and put your penis in the bush, as there is a MAN inside of the bush,” he says. “They’re just waiting there, like a duck waiting for its foie gras feeding tube.” It’s funny, and it brings up a thought puzzle: Is it okay for a straight man to tell jokes about being gay in a park in the city? We think it is. Or, more accurately: We think it is? Our straight man, Kasher, adds to the fun by being completely gay-seeming — not fake-Bruno gay-seeming, but thin-guy-with-nice-diction gay-seeming, and he has immense amounts of fun with it, wearing his hair in a “Gitler,” or the Gay Hitler mop, while getting “Hey, Faggot”-ed from frat guys in passing cars (hold your calls, these are two of his drawn-from-real-life jokes). Tonight he celebrates the release of his first CD, Everyone You Know Is Going to Die ... and Then You Are.

Brent Weinbach opens.
Tue., July 7, 8 p.m., 2009

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