Leveraging Synergy Across Multiple Platforms

This is a nice story about the Internet: Hamburger Eyes, a magazine that prints black-and-white photos with the aesthetic spirit, sans the corporate sponsorship, of Life and National Geographic — and they are spectacular pictures, too, gritty and touching and a little more gritty — had a money issue. It didn’t have much. So editor Ray Potes, thinking Web 2.0, hooked up with donation site Kickstarter and asked fans to help him. He added a subtle threat: If they didn’t reach $3,000, the issue wouldn’t go out. The issue is going out. In three days, he had his $3,000. In nine days, $4,000. Local people using the Internet to support and fund a great magazine in record time: back pat! Now, the rest of you can get in on the act by attending “Exodus,” a photo show celebrating transcendence, transmogrification, and the release of issue No. 13.
July 2-Aug. 1, 2009

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