Woody Allen's Got Nothing on This Bunch

Loren Kraut is unwell. She has obsessive-compulsive disorder, poor thing. Also, her name is a racial slur, but let's not go into that. Let's focus on the fact that she's a self-deprecating yet self-respecting comedian we caught a few weeks ago at Harvey's Funny Tuesdays (the one where Marga Gomez got onstage with a Fight-8 protest sign and Castro was closed off for a No on 8 dance party.) Kraut was telling jokes about counting things, and counting them again, jokes about counting things one more time, and jokes like "Now my doctor tells me I have anorexia. Like I don't have enough on my plate!" Some of our tablemates looked uneasy — perhaps people who self-identify as "normal" don't get Kraut's brand of humor, but we sure do. At "OCD and ADD Comedy: An Exotic/Neurotic Show," she's joined by "Caucasian Asian" and co-producer Jason M. Rogers, who says Kraut is the OCD to his ADD; this doesn't seem like a good combination of personality disorders, but look how cute they are! The lineup also includes Gretchen Noel, Lindsay Blaz, Tim Taylor, and Bob Johnston.
Fri., June 26, 8 p.m., 2009

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