A Lot to Take In

A literary agent at an author's birthday party not too long ago told us we were living in Paris in the '20s. All cultural expression in our corner of San Francisco, he said -- art, writing, music, film, cuisine, philosophy, dance, theater, style, undefinables -- is at an unprecedented level of quality and innovation. We tenatively agree, since walking around the Mission District is so fucking delightful and has been for years. (Those of you who complain of gunshots and sidewalk vomit are irrelevant and missing the point.) At the clumsily titled but brilliantly conceived Sex-Music-Comedy Night with Jill Sobule, an embarrassment of riches struts and frets its time upon the stage, but organizer Stephen Elliott doesn't really do embarrassment. Literary contributions by Zak Smith, Kirk Read, Michelle Tea, and Madison Young join comedy by Los Angeles comedian Kyle Kinane, Mariel a la Mode's burlesque, music by Sig Hafstrom and a performance by famous songbird Jill Sobule. The evening is presented by Rumpus online magazine (along with Kink.com), whose stated purpose is to "introduce readers to things they might not have heard of yet." Is it Hemingway and Stein and Josephine Baker? Decide for yourself.
Tue., July 7, 7 p.m., 2009

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