Fog Belt Flicks

Here’s a helpful hint Heloise neglected to mention: Guys will say and do anything to get laid. You already knew that? Well, that’s precisely what frustrates the greasy titular “hero” of The Snake, local filmmakers Eric Kutner and Adam Goldstein’s ribald and highly entertaining comedy. The fork-tongued protagonist (played by Goldstein with an unflinching shamelessness and weasel 'stache Sacha Baron Cohen would admire) operates in a modern world in which every woman sees through his smarmy pick-up lines and made-up accomplishments. But he keeps on chuckin’ (lies), smilingly sailing past the farthest boundaries of self-respect into chuckle-and-cringe territory. The Snake receives its hometown premiere in the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, an eccentric mix of programming that encompasses Spanish shorts, Bay Area animation, a George Clinton concert-tour documentary (The Silence in Between), and a face-to-face-off with survivors of the Rock (Alcatraz Reunion). The festival, angling to become a midsummer classic, takes its name from our burg’s frigid temps in fog-shrouded July and August. The upside is we don’t require air-conditioned theaters.
July 10-11, 5 p.m., 2009

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