Very Sharp

“Word,” a group show featuring artists who incorporate text into their work, is curated by Danielle Steel. If you’re thinking, “The airport-book lady knows art?” then you’re far behind the curve. First, her full name is Danielle Fernande Dominique Schuelein-Steel, which is only a stitch more cultured than her upbringing. Second, her books don’t suck — our aunt says so. Third, she’s bought more art than you’ve even looked at, judging by the girth of her “Parthenon of the West.” (And God knows she can afford it: Glancing at her publishing history from 1973 to the present, it appears that Steel didn’t have a successful year if she didn’t release at least three books. She’s written more than 100 and sold more than 500 million. The most recent arrived in June. It starts, “Hope Dunne made her way through the silently falling snow on Prince Street in SoHo in New York.”) Our last reason, however, is the only one that’s important: Steel owned her own space, the Steel Gallery on Sacramento Street, which closed in 2006 after three years of lots of abstract art. She loves the stuff. Seriously, the airport-book lady knows exactly what she’s doing: This sequel ends well.

An opening reception for "Word" starts at 5:30 p.m.
Aug. 5-29, 2009

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