Why Supervisor Chris Daly shipped his family off to Fairfield

Supervisor Chris Daly announced this week that he has purchased a home in Fairfield, where his family will live. Why has he made this decision?

• Doesn't want his kids to turn out like his constituents

• Needs to protect his family from his enemies among the housing activists

• Felt his interests were poorly represented by Chris Daly

• Hey, he dropped out of Duke, too

• Fairfield offers diversity that San Francisco lacks

• Finally, he can get away from the incessant tabloid reporting of Fog City Journal

• One homeless man in a drug-induced haze crapping on the sidewalk too many

• This way he can contribute personally to San Francisco's tourism economy

• Wants to live someplace where his vote against Gavin Newsom will count

• Mandatory composting? Screw that!

• Thinks Fairfield can be made shittier

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