It's A Sign

Signs and symbols are the name of the game at "Recognition," a new two-man painting exhibit. Hugh Leeman's canvases themselves are illegal -- he uses "borrowed" street signs, layers scribbly tags over their block letters, and out of that cacaphony rise intricately rendered portraits of men. Street guys, mostly, but also musicians, and it can be jarring to see a man holding a trumpet on a "Flooded" sign's yellow diamond. Michael Holman's work concentrates mostly on one image, the Confederate flag, but in his talented hands, it runs circles around its own meaning. It's pink, or it's selling slurpees, or it's gold-leafed and spelling out cryptic quotations. For once in its life, it's beautiful. The two collections work together to make further connections -- they deserve recognition, you bet.
Aug. 8-Sept. 5, 2009

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