Nice Peaches

True artists refuse to keep repeating themselves, no matter how lucrative the style or formula happens to be. Experiment and grow, or copy and die — those are the choices. (Can you hear us, Mr. Lucas?) Wrapping her 12th summer as creative director and hostess of the wildly entertaining Midnight Mass cult-flick carnival, drag performer Peaches Christ has her shtick perfected to the last eyelash. Not one to rest on her can-can, though, Peaches (aka Joshua Grannell) has launched a new career as a feature filmmaker with the locally shot horror comedy All About Evil, now in postproduction. The lady isn’t hanging up her boa for good, mind you, with plans to stage occasional events down the road, but this weekend’s shows mark the teary end of Midnight Mass’ annual summer run. The curtain-dropper is Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988), with Cassandra Peterson burning down the house with a lascivious pre-show performance and onstage interview. If any further incentive is required, the program includes a snippet of All About Evil, featuring Peaches, Elvira, and Natasha Lyonne. Stop your slobbering, to paraphrase another gal given to wearing black leather.
Aug. 21-22, 11:59 p.m., 2009

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