Cash Could Win Money

We’ve seen Eric Cash pull a grapefruit out of a coffee mug, but that was a long time ago. YouTube shows him putting fire in his mouth and spitting it out again, and his own Web site features a laying-on-glass scenario involving 150 tourists and a high level of BS-ing, aka showmanship. Generally speaking, Mr. Cash is a street performer. Here’s what that means to the Bay Area Laugh Leader Competition: A man who can get random strangers to pay him for calling them retarded can probably eat comedy-club stand-ups for breakfast, lunch, and a light Mediterranean-style supper. He won his round of this tournament back in early July, which puts him in the Aug. 26 semi-finals. Whether he advances to tonight’s championship round is anyone’s guess, but years of working the corner do make him a good bet. Many, many, many other fine local comedians died in the early rounds, all to bring you the finest in entertainment. Enjoy!
Wed., Sept. 2, 8 p.m., 2009

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