Kind of Blue

We've admired Quinn DeVeaux's music for years, whether he's in a hot-jazz New Orleans getup sweating the hipsters, scraping hearts raw with his extra-old-fashioned blues getup, or just calling out his own songs alone onstage but for a very beautiful guitar. But now he's got a brand-new bag: Quinn DeVeaux and the Blue Beat Review is an amalgam of all of the above plus the Mission-District–famous standup bass of Kenan O'Brien, a set of sweet backup singers, and drummer Matty Mack. The band's secret weapon, though, is Chris effing Seibert. Although he won't be at tonight's show, he's been Lavay Smith's ivory tickler for forever, so he's guaranteed party gold.

Con Brio and Dirty Boots open.
Mon., Aug. 31, 8 p.m., 2009

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