Super Cross

David Cross has made a career offending people who offend him, which isn’t a bad way to go for a stand-up comic. A few years back he had to defend himself from fans, who objected to his starring role in Alvin and the Chipmunks, calling him a sell out who did it for the money. Even his friend Patton Oswalt took a shot. Cross posted a rebuttal on the Bob and Davider blog: He did it for the money. The money went to buy him a house in upstate New York. In his words: “It's a small cottage on 5 1/2 acres in the middle of the woods in Sullivan county. It has a largish stream running through it and best of all it's in the middle of nowhere. No town, no nothing.” Is this the start of a Stephen King novel or what? Anyway, indie cred doesn't pay for houses, and Cross deserves a house. Maybe he can fill it up with profits from his new book, I Drink for a Reason, which seems to follow the patch of his career, pinballing from political rants and celebrity attacks (Larry the Cable Guy and Jim Belushi get hurt bad) to funny, goofy lists like "Top Ten CDs to Listen to While Listening to Other CDs."
Sat., Sept. 19, 9 p.m., 2009

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