The Wrong Stuff

Candidate Newsom is “narcissistic,” “thin-skinned,” “disloyal,” and “friendless.” And that’s from his former supporters.

In talking about California, though, it almost sounded as though Newsom were talking about himself. "People have written off this state on many occasions, but California's best days are not behind us," he said. "They're in front of us."

He championed California's diversity, and "our capacity to live together and advance together." He spoke of "the magic of our state that defines our greatness." All eyes in the room were glued to Newsom — a politician adept at charming strangers, but considerably less skilled with those who know him best.

Newsom promised he would do what was right, regardless of the consequences. He said that California needed a leader who doesn't say one thing privately and do another thing publicly. Then, finally, he acknowledged the truth about his campaign. "We recognize we are underdogs," he said. "But the gift of being an underdog is that you can truly be yourself."

That will certainly be interesting, Newsom's critics say, because as of yet they have no idea who he really is, other than a fundamentally disloyal guy with extremely high ambitions and dwindling support. The kind of guy who sleeps with his campaign strategist's wife. Who will do anything to ascend the political ladder. Whose word means little.

Newsom, for his part, is clearly less than pleased with his dissenters. "He blocked me on Twitter," Brigham said. "I'm thinking of unfriending him on Facebook."

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