Mistakes Were Made

Since 2004, the Found Footage Festival has presented an odd assemblage of clips -- weird training videos, bizarre commercials, lamentable home movies, and the like -- to theaters around the country. Mostly, it’s the stuff you can find on YouTube. But the FFF has something that YouTube sorely needs: ace curators and funny hosts. Joe Pickett and Nick Pickett, both with backgrounds in the comedy industry, do the heavy lifting, locating all sorts of taped effluvia in garage sales, dumpsters, and thrift stores, then touring the country hosting screenings with commentary that trumps the wit of America’s Funniest Home VideosTom Bergeron. Pickett and Pickett have three successful festivals at their backs, and this year promises more good stuff, including a home movie of a metal festival, exercise videos featuring Dolph Lundgren and Milton Berle, and a 20-year old dating reel found by David Cross.
Oct. 2-3, 7:15 & 9:15 p.m., 2009

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