Russian Ink

Brooklyn-based author Alix Lambert’s book The Silencing investigates six murdered Russian journalists, juxtaposing photos of the murder sites with interviews with people who knew them. The result is a series of intimate portraits that are all the more haunting because of what is left unexplained. They address, by extension, a larger issue: journalists around the world who have lost their lives for what they believe in. At An Evening with Alix Lambert, in addition to discussing and reading from the book, Lambert screens The Mark of Cain, her documentary examining the role of tattoos in Russian prisons and the way in which they reflect the grim culture of institutional existence. The young director’s treatment of this brutal and complex reality led to the film being featured on Nightline, nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, and used as background research for the film Eastern Promises starring Viggo Mortensen. The multitalented Lambert, meanwhile, went on to direct and produce several PBS segments for the series Life 360 and write an acclaimed episode of the show Deadwood.
Sun., Oct. 4, 6 p.m., 2009

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