List: Saving journalism

San Francisco billionaire Warren Hellman announced he will fund a new nonprofit online news organization, created in conjunction with KQED, the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and the Media Workers Guild, to cover the Bay Area. What innovative approaches will it use to save journalism?

• Lots more coverage of local government for the same small group of insiders to read

• Combine the efficiency of San Francisco nonprofits with the public service ethic of billionaires 

• Sue the Guardian before it can sue them

• Something something, new technology, something something

• Bank on the fact that college interns and former journalists will do anything to look important

• Fearless coverage of what Warren Hellman's enemies are doing wrong

• Convince young people to care about zoning laws by using really sharp graphics

• Harness the power of unions to innovate

• Wiki-news format will allow public figures to insert their lies directly into articles

• Use Berkeley students as fair and impartial judges of when an injustice worth protesting has occurred

• Expose scandals at other nonprofits competing for grants

• Strong emphasis on video, no matter how unnecessary

• Clever "new media" strategy of not paying people to report the news

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