List: How to tell if you're living next to a marijuana grow house

According to the SFPD, neighborhood tips have contributed to the busts of marijuana grow houses in the Sunset. How do you know you're living next to a growing house?

• You Yelped it.

• Telephone poles covered in resin

• Smells like Bolinas

• Pizza delivery guy went in and never came out.

• Leader of MS-13 gang brought you a neighborly casserole.

Willie Nelson sleeping on lawn

• Owner's son bundles yard clippings into eighths.

• Mexican drug cartel cargo van keeps blocking your driveway.

• That giant sucking sound, followed by a lot of giggling

• Your dog buries Thai sticks.

High Times photographers keep forgetting where they parked.

• The crack house and the meth house seem pretty certain it's a grow house.

• You're totally high all the time.

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