The Hockey Roarer Shiksa Poe

Plenty of theater companies have a focus — Shakespeare, maybe, or adapting novels to the stage. The Bawdy Caste, though, is exceptionally cohesive: These ridiculous thespians perform only The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So maybe it's late on All Hallows' Eve, and none of your festive galas have pleased you. "Hmm," you wonder, "should I gather my entourage and head to Dr. Frank N. Furter's place? Is it 'Time Warp' time?" At that moment, keep in mind: Not only does the theater furnish an audience-participation kit (translation: no squirt guns, water balloons, rice, or toast, please), but the fishnetted crazies on the stage aren't just any old fishnetted crazies, but indeed the highest-quality and best-rehearsed fishnetted crazies in the Bay Area.
Oct. 30-31, 11:55 p.m., 2009

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