"Mauricio Ancalmo: Dubitatio"

S.F. artist Mauricio Ancalmo's four-part film installation takes full advantage of the basement gloom of Baer Ridgway's lower-level gallery. Five stacked 16mm projectors show film loops, while sound plays: pianist Vladimir Horowitz, African drums, and the chirp of a radio telescope. The simultaneous visual and audio onslaught threatens to smother the viewer in cacophony; the longer you stay, however, the more a strange rhythmic order seems to emerge. Ancalmo talks about his work in terms of a "reterritorialization" of space in which the future, past, and present are random, but the pleasure found in the piece is hardly so intellectual — it's sheer, cheerful chaos. Film and sound loops will change weekly; week two promises a "Tower of Babel" tri-loop of conversation, and week three something involving D.H. Lawrence and the artist's own blood.

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