… and Happy

The sight of joyful, libidinal, beautiful fat bodies in motion can make interesting things happen. It can make a woman — if inspired by Jukie Sunshine's burlesque, the Phat Fly Girls' complete lack of shame, or Jay Walker's drag kinging — stop hating her body. And what might happen then? She might calm down. She might be able to concentrate on the genuine issues in her own life and the world at large, instead of obsessing about whether she's "hot enough." At "Flabulous!" we all get the chance to find out, via the above acts and many others, including Elvis Herselvis, Harlem Shake Burlesque's notoriously attractive Alotta Boutté, and the punk politics of Nomy Lamm's band, OBEAST. Also, seeing this show is a great way to get back at evil Internet commenters such as the 57 out of 59 people on YouTube who, to put it politely, discourage the Phat Fly Girls. Those folks sure don't want anyone watching and having fun.
Sat., Nov. 21, 7 & 9 p.m., 2009

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