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Woe to those poetry-minded, dreamy jumpabouts who whimsically decide to add flamenco to their dance-class repertoire. Unlike contact improv or tribal belly-dance styles, which tend to welcome you in and help you along, flamenco wants to weed you out. It's all about music math, for one thing, and it's very old and has lots of rules, for another. Finally, flamenco simply has a lot of style, and you have to earn your place. (We're not knocking either approach, incidentally.) Theatre Flamenco's Ser y Estar is the kind of show that causes people to fall in love with this particular dance form, and vow to work as hard as they can to maintain the ramrod spine that keeps the proud head from betraying the quantum computations being done by the feet, which in turn move the fringe just so. The local company, directed by master dancer Carola Zertuche, includes several guest dancers, singers, and musicians for this show — they earned it.
Nov. 20-22, 8 p.m., 2009

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