Faster, Dressmaker! Style! Style!

Although life itself sometimes feels like a never-ending and humiliating style war — a high-stakes skirmish, with plaid jumpers eliciting audible gasps and trollops casting the evil eye upon last season’s riding habit — sometimes it’s just grand to show up at a nightclub and watch mavens duke it out in the blood-soaked arena of instant fashion. House of Diehl’s Style Wars: The Style Battle Championships pits up-and-coming fashion people against one another in a frenzy of rapid design, asking them to scrape together runway pieces from recycled rags and everyday objects. Garments get made in a matter of minutes. Models walk them down the fashion plank, DJs (Pase Rock and Richie Panic, in this case) engage in fashionable noisemaking, and judges (Simon Ungless of the San Francisco Academy of Art and Irene Hernandez of fashion and arts event company Chillin’) decide who lives, who dies, and who wins a spread in Surface magazine. Allegedly born in the basements of New York City, the phenomenon has turned out to be so too-fierce-to-handle that House of Diehl trademarked the words “style battling,” so there. The resulting event takes the street-level attitude of a rap battle, the teeth-whitening glamour of a runway show, and the proprietary gusto of a trademarked brand, and mixes until creamy.
Sat., Nov. 21, 10 p.m., 2009

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