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Radio stations, broken hearts, bounty hunters, and tough grandmas all make appearances at the American Indian Film Festival, and that’s just in the movies. Offscreen, the fest offers workshops, talks, a big awards show, and more; our favorites include “Native American Women vs. Hollywood Stereotypes” — a discussion with working actresses who aren’t that into the Indian Princess thing (today at 10 a.m.) — and an actors' workshop featuring a very high-powered casting agent (1 p.m.). The centerpiece feature film is The Only Good Indian (7 p.m.), a turn-of-the-last-century shoot-'em-up starring Wes Studi as a dashing, conflicted, motorcycle-riding semihero. The “Tribal Touring Program” (Nov. 13) might be the most exciting part of the whole thing, since it’s made up of films by young, interesting, outspoken Indians who started out learning digital media production from the festival’s parent group, the American Indian Film Institute.
Nov. 6-14, 2009

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