Work Out the Kink

It’s amazing how quickly one becomes disenchanted with porn. After that preliminary rush, poring over a catalogue annotated by cheerful, all-knowing Good Vibrations employees, one is left with the residue of bad acting, emaciated plotlines, and complete disregard for what Jean Cocteau called “science in the flesh” — artistry, that is. Is it any wonder that when movies like Lucía y el Sexo or Secretary come along, people cling to them like slowly deflating life preservers? They might know there’s something else out there, but finding it amid the sea of dross seems so unlikely — until they discover CineKink. Founded in New York by Lisa Vandever, this sex-positive festival culls the most fleshy, erogenous, libidinal, smart, and artful titles available, from Hollywood to hardcore porn to TV. This year’s edition opens with Kinky (screening at 7 p.m.), a documentary set in the all-too-rarely explored world of African-American BDSM. Coupling real sex and good filmmaking, Kinky manages to be funny, optimistic, and tender even as it touches upon the deep issues of religion and racism. The feature is followed by “Whips & Restraint” (9 p.m.), a program of shorts that plays with the fringes of sexual power through animation, music videos, performance art, and a ludicrous spurt of science fiction.
Nov. 19-21, 7 p.m., 2009

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