Buggin' Out

What can we tell you about bugs and Cirque du Soleil that you don't already know? Bugs: They jump around, eat eat eat, suck flowers, and wear colors that don't normally go together. Cirque: It's a French Canadian stage show irresistible to all, even those who bizarrely think its "Cirque de So Gay" nickname is an insult. Yeah, you knew all that. But did you know the mystery insect has the hots for the ladybug? All the bugs are hopping around minding their business in the new show OVO, slinging from wires, carrying food from here to there in surprising ways, and making music, like bugs do. But they've all got their inquiring minds on the ladybug's romance, as well as on the big, mysterious, and symbolic titular egg.
Nov. 27-Jan. 24, 2009

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