Run Like a Child

Many people who never exercise change their habits in the days after Thanksgiving — hope springs eternal. Instead of doing eight pushups and collapsing in front of the television, Run Wild for a Child offers three miles you can shuffle along. Expect to be noticed, not because you’re one of those people who walk during a 5K run, but because you’re wearing the board game Operation, a burned-out Lego city, a discarded pizza box, or somesuch, depending on what happened to be your favorite toy as a child. Yes, Run Wild is also a costume contest, with prizes awarded to people who dress up as their most cherished childhood toys (there’s also a serious 10K run, with no funny stuff allowed). It benefits the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Drive, so bring something to donate: a real toy, not a garden hose or anything.
Sun., Nov. 29, 8:30 a.m., 2009

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