Filipino Folklore

Shadow puppets for flood relief! Of the extensive and tireless benefit circuit in San Francisco (which we attend out of philanthropic interest, regardless of the new-school burlesque content), the art show “Tabi Tabi Po” should pique your interest and sense of urgency. We’ve rallied for new skate parks and to send every former smoker on their first AIDS Lifecycle jaunt, but the victims of recent natural disasters in the South Pacific are calling out for help, and talented Pinoy artists from the United States, Norway, and the Philippines are answering. The typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, which struck the end of September, left several hundred Filipinos dead and millions of others affected in innumerable ways. Tonight’s performance is part of a month-long show of urban visual art exploring Filipino folklore, part of whose sales benefit the victims. At 5:30 p.m., Bindlestiff puppet masters present The Dwende That Grew Too Big, a shadow-play about the mythological creatures. “Tabi tabi po,” translated loosely, means “I’m passing through respectfully,” which ideally prevents the Duende from getting mischievous. Finish rolling your coins and stacking your bills, then bring them over to be entertained while you philanthropize.
Nov. 24-Dec. 12, 2009

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