All Grown Up

Not everyone can grow a mustache in four weeks. Some people can grow only a gentle patch of downy meadow grass or a few sprouted outposts lashed to an otherwise barren upper lip. Surely, these people are real men, and when they take the stage at The 2009 'Stache Bash, you should give them a few extra catcalls — if they only had another four weeks they might’ve shown up looking like Ivan the Terrible or Wyatt Earp, or at least perennial grower and event MC Jon Wolanske. Like the site says, “the mustache is more in the heart than on the face.” And the organizers at Mustaches for Kids are all about the heart: Since 1999, the group has raised tens of thousands of dollars a year nationwide — the S.F. chapter raked in more than $80,000 alone last year — with postpuberty athletes getting people to pledge them money for a marathon struggle that includes, in total, not grooming. Members of the S.F. chapter stopped shaving on Nov. 10; today, their plumage is put to the '70s test in such events as “foam retention challenge,” “the kissing challenge,” and “’stache-ku,” or short verse on their new little friend.
Thu., Dec. 17, 8 p.m., 2009

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