God, I Hope I Get It

Imagine 10 attention-starved trannies slathered in beginner’s makeup, huddled into a small, sweaty backstage area, all of them praying to whatever trannies pray to that their lip-synch comes off flawless (or flawed, depending on what they’re going for), that the CD doesn’t skip, that the audience doesn’t mind being pelted with artificial feces. This is the Trannyshack Star Search Competition, the local talent show now in its 11th year, an event that’s part debutante ball, part monster’s ball, and part eightball. Many former winners have become household names in houses where people know the names of local drag queens: Metal Patricia, Holy McGrail, Pollo Del Mar. It’s an evening filled with surprising shows of stage prowess by virtual unknowns as well as sublime moments of schadenfreude. This year’s crop of potentially significant performers includes names like Cousin Wonderlette, Violet Death, and even Tiara Sensation’s Vivvy Anne Forevermore. Heklina and Peaches Christ MC, celebrity guest judges Kembra Pfahler of glam-punk band the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and New York drag legend Sherry Vine pass celebrity judgment, and more drag royalty (Putanesca, Hoku Mama, Princess Kennedy) help decide which bright young Miss Thing takes home the coveted sash.
Sat., Dec. 19, 10 p.m., 2009

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