Isn't She Lovely?

Everyone knows about flamenco divas: They're mean and gorgeous. Local dancer Yaelisa, fearless leader of Caminos Flamencos Spanish dance company, is no exception. One look tells you not to trifle with anyone whose bun is that tight. Out of left field, therefore, comes her latest announcement: She likes to boogie. "Although I am devoted to flamenco," she writes, "I grew up listening to and loving soul, classical, and Latin music, everything from Stravinsky to Aretha Franklin." Awesome! We take this to mean that "Canciones 2," described as a Spanish-dance response to The Nutcracker — and we are thankful for each and every genuine response to, or outright destruction of, The Nutcracker — is excellent in the usual flamenco way, and groovy on top. Featured guitar player Roberto Granados is only 10, but has played for President Obama; featured singer Jesus Montoya is a Gypsy; and they and all the dancers plan to get down with Stevie Wonder.
Dec. 18-19, 8 p.m.; Sun., Dec. 20, 3 p.m., 2009

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