List: Divinity and taxes

San Francisco is enmeshed in a $14.4 million legal battle with the Catholic Church over whether the local archdiocese can sell property without paying transfer taxes. What are some of the dramatic turns the case has taken?

• So far, Jesus refuses to testify

• Assessor Phil Ting is demanding to be called "Your Holiness"

• The church's lawyers categorically denied that any children were molested, then realized they were at the wrong deposition

• San Francisco really, really needs the money

Chris Daly made statements clearly deemed heretical by the Diet of Worms in 1415

Gavin Newsom agreed to testify against the city in exchange for 30 pieces of silver

• The Vatican offered to pay its taxes with indulgences

• San Francisco's archbishop performed an exorcism to rid the city of Willie Brown

• The case has been divided into three trials, which are actually one trial

City Attorney Dennis Herrera is forced to admit that he doesn't actually speak Latin

• The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence jumped the shark

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