Going Places

Jason Reitman is the director to watch in the next decade.

These days, with his early career anxieties behind him and Up in the Air tipped as an Oscar frontrunner, Reitman still finds plenty to worry about, as if his constitution depended on a steady infusion of nervous energy.

Reitman worries, for instance, that he may not be making movies fast enough. "Right now, I make a movie every two years, and I'd like it to be every year and a half," he says, noting that, historically speaking, most directors tend to make their best movies early in their careers. "If I have something to say, it's going to happen right now. So, I don't want to make three movies in my 30s. I'd like to make six movies in my 30s."

Reitman currently has his sights set squarely on what he hopes will be his next project — an adaptation of To Die For author Joyce Maynard's recent novel, Labor Day, about the relationship among a lonely 13-year-old boy, his single mother, and the escaped convict who enters their lives over the titular holiday weekend. "It's just strange and dramatic and romantic," he says. And decidedly not high-concept. "I'm not going to be relying on cute jokes," he adds. "I'm not going to be relying on anything. I'm just going to tell the story."

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