Desert Lights

A lot of the art at Burning Man is cool. The problem is where the art is located: Burning Man. (For those who think the problem isn’t a problem at all but a solution, shouldn’t you be walking a cat or something?) Not that we don’t like certain facets of Burning Man. It makes the city quiet, for one, like during Christmas. At Exploratorium After Dark: Resolution, however, things won’t be quiet, for artist Mark Lottor has picked tonight’s museum party to display the Burning Man-favorite the Cubatron. People at Black Rock like the Cubatron because it has thousands of programmable LEDs flashing according to Lottor’s machinations; BM people think they are seeing another dimension, before they fall asleep, when they lie under it. Lottor will be on hand tonight, so you can finally look him dead in the eye and whisper, “Fucking trip, bro.” The night also features a full bar and discussions about stuff like the Tiltshiftoscope exhibit, which is a trip to people who have never seen the world in miniature.
Thu., Jan. 7, 6 p.m., 2010

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