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The story is little-known, but completely insane: Japanese-American soldiers in WWII. Specifically, the men of the Military Intelligence Service Language School located in the Presidio. They translated, interrogated, and otherwise provided linguistic ammo for the U.S. Imagine their disgust when, from a few hundred yards away from their workplace, Executive Order 9066 was issued, requiring the fascist-style rounding up of all Japanese-Americans. It only got worse: in addition to their families being interned, they themselves were imprisoned and forced to do their patriotic duty from inside barbed wire. "Prejudice and Patriotism" is an exhibit of portraits and interviews with these Nisei, aka born-in-the-U.S.A. full-on American citizens, who got a formal apology out of Ronald Reagan in 1988. On Jan. 16 at 1 p.m., the exhibit hosts a book signing of Soldiers of Conscience: Japanese American Military Resisters in World War II with Cedric Shimo, an MIS soldier who raised hell with the Army after he wasn't allowed to visit his interned mother before being deployed overseas -- he got years of ditch-digging for his trouble, and is, obviously, proud of himself.
Jan. 6-31, 2010

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