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Named after an underground comic strip, the Yummy Fur was an underground band from 1990s Glasgow, two of whose many members went on to form Franz Ferdinand. Mainstay John McKeown now fronts a band called — what else? — 1990s, but has agreed to a brief Yummy Fur reunion. The occasion is an upcoming collection on What’s Your Rupture?, home to Comet Gain, the Long Blondes, and other like-minded Brits. Said collection should span the band’s three albums, one EP, and — ahem — 11 lineups, all while bringing a new generation around to bristling guitar-pop and angular postpunk. Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson will rejoin the lineup for this tour, but McKeown stays front and center, slinging the crooked anthems only he can shrug off with such panache. Although more jagged and opaque than the smooth, smirking 1990s, the Yummy Fur is a worthy slice of Scottish cool ripe for rediscovery. And considering the second 1990s album was recorded in the studio of Orange Juice’s Edwyn Collins, McKeown clearly hasn’t strayed far from one of indie pop’s most reliable cities.

The Mantles and Sonny and the Sunsets open.
Mon., Jan. 18, 8 p.m., 2010

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