Looking for Something?

The first month of a new, potentially apocalyptic decade means one thing for sure: makeovers, makeovers, makeovers. As such, Tiara Sensation, that most unpredictable and willfully ramshackle of Monday night drag clubs, will, after a year and a half of lo-fi magic, move to Fridays, with a new moniker to boot: Some Thing. An apt name if we’ve ever heard one. Though the tiaras will still be sensational, some things at Some Thing will be different: the usual show, still hosted by Jäger-drinking, Little Mermaid theme-song-performing dry spirit VivvyAnne Forevermore, is now followed by a supplementary show and nightcap with revered drag personality Glamamore, which is called Some Thing More. The latter goes in for a little more elegance and put-togetherness than the former, which keeps its unpredictable, madcap character. The craft table, manned by Hot Gloo, remains, and DJ Down-E is in charge of music. Tonight's theme: A Gem in the Rough, followed by the Drool in the Crown. Get it? Got it? Not exactly? Fortunately, not getting it is half the battle — just keep the theme in mind when putting on your Friday best, even if only to misinterpret it.
Fridays, 10 p.m., 2011
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