List: The year in news

What were the top local news headlines of 2009?

• "Gavin Newsom ruins YouTube for the rest of us"

• "Tom Ammiano zings governor with extremely witty remark"

• "Muni commits suicide"

• "City passes incredibly well-thought-out composting law"

• "Chris Daly grows up"

• "Physicists descend on San Francisco to study the size of its deficit"

• "BABY!!!"

• "Montana? Really?"

• "Bay Area finds housing market frightening and confusing"

• "Newspapers are still dead"

• "San Franciscans become dis-illusioned with Obama, just like they are with everything else"

• "Gavin Newsom decides to focus on being mayor of San Francisco, his third choice"

• "Hipsters like new thing that you don't know about"

• "San Francisco fails to save planet ... again"

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